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  The Water Resource Office is a Department that is part of the Fort Peck Tribes in Poplar, MT. The Water Resource Office is responsible for water rights and regulations enforcement by following the Fort Peck- Montana Compact and the Tribal Water Code. The Fort Peck Reservation also monitors water use as well as quantity and quality. The Water Resource Office also works with other entities such as Federal, State, County and other resources that are available to help the Water resource office Identify and quantify water use on and off the reservation. With this help the planning of a "Watershed Management Program was started. In addition the emerging use of computers and GIS (Geographical Information Systems) the Water Resource Office is starting a GIS database/data management system. Using these tools the Water Resource office will be able to quantify the tribe’s water resources and state claims once they are adjudicated by the Montana Water Court. The database will also help in assisting the adjudication process of all water claims for each basin across the reservation.

The Water Resource Office also manages a 638 Construction Contract on behalf of the Fort Peck Irrigation Project, Water Users Association and several DNRC (Department of Natural Resource Conservation) RRG grants for rehabilitation of the Irrigation project.

The Water Resource Office is made up of the following:

Water Rights Administrator
Cartographic Technician
Water Resource Assistant

The Water office has 3 water commissioners who approve/deny each water permit/application.

The Water Resource Office is your "resource" for your water needs and questions. Let us know how we can help you today.

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